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60W Fiber Laser Marking Machine JPT MOPA M7 2 Lenses
Michael Houllion - Houllion Machine LLC
Excellent customer service!!!

Seller was very prompt with answering all my questions and got the package put together for my needs. Received the laser in a crate which was well packaged and no damage. Very easy to assemble the parts and had it running within the hour. Has far exceded my expectations for marking metal and plastic parts in my machine shop instead of outsourcing. Also very comforting knowing I have real USA based customer service if needed. Will definitely be buying again

The machine's versatility and excellent cleaning results have significantly improved our workflow.

Highly recommend it to anyone in the industry! Love free shipping and customer support

High-energy performance allows for efficient and precise cleaning without damaging the treated surfaces. Highly recommend it for anyone in need of a reliable rust removal solution!

I recently purchased the 1000W Cleaning Machine for our automotive workshop, and it has exceeded all expectations. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for our team to switch between different materials and thicknesses without any hassle. The precision and quality of the results are very good. Highly recommend it!

quick setup and easy operation

The long fiber optics cable and ergonomic laser gun make it extremely easy to use.

It effectively removes rust, oil, and other contaminants from our equipment without causing any damage.

Great experience

Thank you Andrew for your help. We purchased a 60W MOPA fiber laser.
Laser works great. Easy to use and program.

Great customer service.

100w is a beast!

Upgraded from a 30w to this 100w monster. It works perfectly. No issues with set up. Took about 30 mins and I was up and going on all 3 lenses. Strongly recommend these lasers.

This machine is worth every penny!

We've integrated this machine into our maintenance and repair facility, and it has transformed our operations. The water-cooling design ensures longer operation times without overheating, which is a major advantage. The maintenance-free aspect is fantastic, reducing our operational costs significantly. The smart control panel with preset parameters makes it very user-friendly. Very happy with this purchase!

Very happy

I am not that savvy with computers, so it took me a bit to get the programs installed, but once I did, I was familiar with the programs, and it does everything I could have wanted. The Laser has well more features than I know how to use but is more powerful than machines I have used in the past. I am indeed very happy with this machine.

Good product, recommend

Very Fast Delivery

Very happy with my order. I ordered this on Tuesday and had it plowing metal shortly after lunch on Thursday. The powered Z axis is really nice. This is my first Fiber Laser and needed some guidance. They were really quick to respond to my questions. EasyCad works well. My only critique is that I wish it included LightBurn.

Great 100W machine

Super helpful and great tech support.

Great Service!

Had some trouble getting the software installed. Their tech spent over an hour getting me going. Very happy with the machine and the support!

100W Fiber Laser Machine JPT MOPA M7

Loving the depth this beast does in stainless.. colors are vibrant with the exception of red, red has eluded my recipe's so far. But overall this machine is SOLID..

This thing is AWESOME!

I researched fiber lasers for a few years and came to the correct conclusion that Lasers Only was the best place to by from. Andrew answered the few questions that I had and very promptly shipped my machine. It came very well packed and took only minutes to put together. I was marking parts the same day, even thought I'd never even seen a fiber laser in person before. I'm running this machine with Lightburn software and just noticed that Lightburn is also using Lasers Only machines in their YouTube videos (take that as a clue). Sure you can save some cash and order from overseas but the after the sale support from Lasers Only is worth exponentially more than any possible savings. I have not tried the rotary yet but will soon. So far, my only regret is that I did not get this sooner.

In summary, you won't regret buying here. Both the machine and business are a pleasure work with! I will personally be coming back and will definitely recommend lasers only to others.

Worth Every Penny!

I was hesitant at first, given the price point, but this machine has completely transformed my engraving business. The power and precision it offers, especially on thicker metals, is unmatched. Also, the customer support has been stellar, guiding me through a minor setup hiccup. Highly recommended!

Best decision by far!

I did a LOT of shopping around before I finally came across All the reviews are 100% correct. Andrew is amazing with his knowledge and customer service before o even purchased the machine! He helped me every step of the way, gave me the best deal, and offers any support needed! The machine is AMAZING and gorgeous! DO NOT waste any time looking anywhere else. Andrew's your guy!

Great Machine, Minor Learning Curve

The 200w laser is undoubtedly a beast when it comes to engraving. The results are crisp and consistent. There was a slight learning curve in the beginning, especially coming from a different brand, but once I got the hang of it, the process became seamless.

As always great product great price

This isn't my first purchase but from a customer service perspective it's always been a great experience, the lens came it works and does exactly what I needed it to do thanks again for always providing great service and great products

New laser

So far so good, service is excellent. It was delayed a bit due to all the forest fires, so i have not put a lot of hours on it.