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Machine works great

Still having to learn how to use and Andrew has been there every step even on a Saturday at 5 in the afternoon. Would totally Recommend to friends

Love the machine so far

Very happy with powerful machine, working on doing color stainless steel with the expanded frequency range. Have already cut through 18 gauge brass and copper with the machine (with some patience), and very happy with this upgrade from my last 30W machine.

Communication and shipping were especially nice and fast, machine came faster than I expected, which was handy since I didn't pull the trigger til mid-week the week I sold my previous machine. You can save a few bucks by going direct elsewhere, but communication and support were better than I would have gotten through Ali, and have already had a couple good follow up conversations with the company that have solved other problems. Now looking forward to either Lightburn for Galvo shipping, or buying an EZCAD3 upgrade to make the software side as powerful as the hardware side.

Note that the vertical motor is manual: switch on the front is the only control for it right now. The emergency stop switch is still just a turn switch, not a slap/press switch, so it’s as easy to hit as the regular stop/start switch.

Haven’t used the rotary or the foot pedal yet, but the inside of the machine is nice, and I’ve been merrily cutting with it for a couple weeks.

Great Laser

I just started playing around with this laser, 50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine JPT MOPA LP-E, and it is doing a great job!!
So far everything works as advertised, they are great people to deal with.
UPS dropped the ball a bit on delivery, but everything worked out.

great purchase

This was my first laser. It was easy to setup, easy to install the software. The shipping was on time. There's a plethora of tutorials available on youtube of how to use ezcad2. overall I couldn't be happier with the experience and the performance of the laser once received. very powerful......let me say it again...VERY powerful. I sliced through an aluminum business card at 50% with two passes. It was one of the super thin .02mm business cards but still, didn't expect a tiny little beam of light to slice through an element from earths crust with such ease. The results are superb. Ultra fine resolution, very predictable and reproduceable results. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.


The product came as expected plus some. Communication was great. Def recommend.

LasersOnly is awesome!!!

I bought the 30w JPT after months of research into fiber lasers and sellers. LasersOnly came highly recommended from a few peers and I can see why. Not only did everything show up perfectly and timely, they do all of the setup work for you. My thumb drive already had instances of EZCad prepared for both lense sizes my machine was sent with as well as the focusing lasers set to the appropriate heights for said lenses. Everything was extremely straight forward and transparent and I’ll be giving them my business again soon when it’s time to get my next unit.

received quickly and Andrew has given great customer service

Recommend this marker from Very Good Experience

Bought the 50W MOPA LP-E. Fast delivery. Great support from Andrew getting it up and running. Successfully marking brass and stainless steel parts. Still exploring all the available settings in EZCAD2.
Definitely recommend this machine if you need to mark metal with deep long-lasting marks.
Thanks for the support!

Rotary Axis #80
James Hofer
Rotary #80

The rotary tool can be very handy, I however haven't spent enough time to figure out how to fine tune it.
I'm sure that will happen soon.

Laser engraver

Andrew and the crew are great to work with. They'll have you engraving and etching in no time.

Only thing I'll change is planning to upgrade to better software than EZcad in the near future.

Rotary Axis #125
Ryan Heath
125mm Rotary

Rotary has worked great so far. Have engraved large tumblers that look phenominal.

Gran compañia!

Esta engravadora lase es justo lo que estaba buscando; despues de buscar varias opciones encontre la maquina que cubria mis necesidades y aun costo super accesible. Asi tambien el servicio al cliente es excepcional. Gracias a Andrew y a Elena por su ayuda. 100% recomendados!

Customer support

Hands-down the best customer support
Great Quality equipment
I purchased 120W from and got free lesson in EZCad 3
Great people, really do care about their customers

Thanks again

Works great

Fast shipping, works wonderfully!