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3-in-1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine 1500W
Brand: Lasers Only

3-in-1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine 1500W

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Short description

The handheld laser welding machine USES continuous fiber laser as the light source. It in form, and structure and is suitable for the operation of the man-machine interface is based on human nature, and the work efficiency has a lot of new ideas. The handheld welding head can customize according to the actual production, very suitable for non-standard production. Handheld welding head adopts the design of water-cooling welding hot not for long, small diameter, carrying convenient, not because it's too easy to fall off, also won't because it's too thick and hard to hold, at the same time give full consideration to the various parameters of the equipment in batch production from details on doing key parameters can be mixed according to the closed loop.

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3-in-1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine 1500W

3-in-1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine 1500W

Product Description

Easy Learning - Turnkey system with a digital touch screen and built-in factory presets for welding and cleaning to reduce learning curves.
High Productivity - high-speed welding of wide range of materials with wire feed options for consistent high-quality results.
Flexibility - A compact and portable equipment with adjustable laser power and a simple way of changing operation by a nozzle switch.
Quality - Consistent repeatable high-quality results.
Versatility - Wide range of operations used on different materials in a variety of industries.
Usability - Ergonomic, compact and comfortable laser gun with a set of nozzle tips for different welding types, easy to use interface.

Product Specification

Model No. HT-W1500FS
Laser Power 1500W
Power Stability ±1%
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
LASER Mode Continuous
Pulse Width 0.2~50ms
Pulse Frequency 1~2500Hz
Welding Spot Diameter 0.2-2.0mm
Power Consumption 5.5KW
Power Supply AC220V single phase
Locating System red laser assistance
Flexible Worktable support co-work with robot arm
Cooling Method Independent Water Cooling
Host Dimensions 1030*600*1200mm
Host Weight 180KG
Ambient Environment 5~35℃, 5%~75%

Laser Source RAYCUS: Technical Parameters

Brand Raycus (optional JPT, MAX)
Laser Model RFL-C1500
Power Source 220±10% V AC 50/60Hz
Power Capacity W 5500
Installation Environment Flat and no vibration
Ambient Temperature °C 10~40
Relative Humidity % <70
Output Power W 1500
Operation Mode CW/Modulated
Polarization State Random
Output Power Tunability % 10~100
Emission Wavelength nm 1080±5
Output Power Unstability % ±1.5
Modulation Frequency Hz 1~20,000
Red Guide Laser Power mW 0.1~1
Core Fiber μm 50(100、200 are optional)
Delivery Cable 10
Control Mode RS-232/AD/Ethernet
Dimensions(W×H×D) mm 410×610×150(include handle)
Weight kg <40
Operating Ambient Temperature °C 10~40
Humidity % <70
Storage Temperature °C -10~60
Cooling Method Water Cooling

Laser Cleaning, Welding And Cutting Head

Brand RuiDa
Laserwavelength 1070nm
Laserpower 1000W
Operating Mode Continious/Pulse
Length of fiber-optical 10m(standard)
Interface of fiber-optical QBH
Modul Life 1000000hrs
Power Supply 220V
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Laser Energy Stability <2%
Air Humidity 10-90%
Recommended Welding Thickness 1000W Stainless steel, carbone steel 0-2mm
Red Light Positioning Support
Product & Service

Product & Service



Product Warranty INCLUDED

LASERS ONLY warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for Two (2) years from the original date of receipt for fiber lasers and One (1) year for CO2 and other lasers types. This includes the power source. Focal lenses are warranted for 30 days. Read more about our warranty policy here.


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