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Introducing the 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

LasersOnly, a leading provider of laser engraving solutions, is thrilled to announce the availability of our newest product, the 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine. This cutting-edge desktop split-system model combines exceptional power with advanced features, offering unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications.

Key Features that Set the 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Apart:

  1. Unmatched Power and Cooling Efficiency:
    • Boasting an impressive 200W laser power, this machine delivers outstanding marking capabilities.
    • Despite its high power, the laser utilizes an air cooling method, ensuring convenience and ease of use.
  2. Sturdy Aluminum Case with Techno Pattern:
    • The machine comes encased in a new sturdy aluminum case with a captivating techno pattern, proudly made in the US.
    • Designed with the utmost protection in mind, the thick aluminum plate construction safeguards the equipment, while strategically placed grills provide optimal ventilation and safeguard against dust and debris.
  3. Modern Touchscreen Display and Intuitive Controls:
    • The new case features a modern touchscreen display that allows users to effortlessly control all equipment functions.
    • From starting and stopping the controller, galvanometer, and laser to adjusting the work area light and Z-Axis movement, the user-friendly interface puts the power at your fingertips.
  4. Innovative and Adjustable LED Light Fixture:
    • Our engineers have developed a practical and convenient light fixture for optimal illumination of the work area.
    • The 6-inch circular LED light fixture offers different light types and strength options, ensuring precise visibility.
    • An innovative rotating mechanism allows the light fixture to be easily turned away when not needed or securely positioned with an automatic magnetic latch.
    • Due to its popularity among customers, we are also planning to release an add-on version as a separate accessory (coming soon).
  5. High-Precision Z-Axis for Unmatched Accuracy:
    • The 200W fiber laser comes equipped with a high-precision Z-Axis tower that ensures perfect alignment of the galvo scanner and smooth, precise movement.
    • The square guide rails maintain horizontal level, eliminating misalignments that can affect engraving quality.
    • The motorized Z-Axis, complete with remote control, offers convenient adjustments, while the inclusion of manual handles provides flexibility for manual adjustments, making focal length fine-tuning effortless.
  6. Enhanced Laser Performance and Color Marking Capability:
    • The JPT M7 series high-power pulsed fiber laser employed in our machine utilizes MOPA technology, offering excellent laser performance and precise pulse shaping control.
    • With independent control over pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width, this laser can work on a wide range of materials and produce striking engravings in color on stainless steel and polished metal surfaces.
    • The higher power output enables high-speed marking and faster deep engraving, providing unmatched versatility.
  7. Reliable Components and Superior Support:
    • We use original JCZ Control Boards and the EZCAD2 application to operate the laser and galvanometer.
    • Our machines are tested with Lightburn software, specifically developed for fiber lasers with galvo scanners, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
    • Built with brand-name quality components, the 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine is backed by a 2-year warranty on the Laser Source and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.
    • Customers will receive comprehensive support, including an EZCAD2 user manual, video tutorials, and the option for remote setup assistance, installation guidance, and a complimentary one-hour tutoring session.

"We are delighted to introduce the 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine to our customers," said Andrew Peterson, CEO of LasersOnly. "This new addition to our product lineup showcases our commitment to providing high-performance and reliable laser engraving solutions. With its impressive power, advanced features, and superior build quality, this machine empowers users to achieve remarkable precision and efficiency in their marking applications."

The 200W Fiber Laser Marking Machine is now available for purchase on the LasersOnly website, where customers can explore its capabilities and place their orders. Also, need to mention that these new 200W laser machines are handcrafted at our facility in Jersey City, New Jersey. For more information, including pricing and technical specifications, please visit

About LasersOnly:

LasersOnly is a leading provider of laser engraving solutions, offering a wide range of high-quality and innovative laser machines for various industries. With a focus on power, precision, and reliability, LasersOnly aims to empower businesses and individuals with cutting-edge technology to enhance their productivity and creativity.

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